What We Know About Bullying for Helping Professionals 
Medical and health care professionals are at greater risk to experience workplace bullying:
70-74% of workplace assaults occurred in healthcare and social service settings, according to a study by the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
44% of nurses report being bullied, according to the Joint Commission and Division on Health Care Improvement. 

Mental health professions deal with bullying in their daily work cultures AND deal with targets and victims seeks emotional and physical support from bullying.
Bullying leads to greater absenteeism and higher turnover. So what? The cost of replacing one nurse runs between $27,000.00 to $103,000.00.
Still don't believe me?
Watch what the American Nursing Association has to say about bullying, including recommendations for prevention:
The Good News
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Below are helpful resources from my featured articles. Click on the article titles to explore why workplace bullying threatens medical and health care professionals, some beginner tips, and more information. 
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