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Services Available for Organizations and Targets
I offer a variety of workshops and trainings, all adaptable to meet the specific needs for the organization. Trainings and seminars range from 1 hour to multi-day trainings. Not sure if I can provide what you need?
Contact me for a brief and complimentary consultation.
Packages are always adjustable. Here are a few snapshots of my most requested services: 
Trainings and Workshops 
Training for leaders, including concrete recommendations provided to manage and reduce bullying.
Education on what persistent workplace aggression is for organizational leaders and colleagues.
Access to videos, webinars, and my mailing list with resources to distribute throughout the organization. 
Organizational research, including interviews, focus groups, and surveys to gain an in-depth analysis of the workplace culture
Unlimited access to my expertise and resource throughout training.
Follow up with the organization for assessment of progress.
Consulting services for drafting formalized anti-bullying policies 
Keynote Presentations 
Education on what workplace bullying is for industry leaders and colleagues. 
Strategies and best practices for intervening in organizations. 
Concrete recommendations that are industry-specific, including mental health and helping professions. 
An introduction to research on effects of continued bullying within organizations.
Strategies for drafting formalized anti-bullying policies
Unlimited access to my expertise and resource throughout training.
Participant access to my "Survival Guide for Targets."
What's the next step? Contact me now at 320-309-2360 or at jankircher@jankircher.com 
Select Trainings
2017: "Workplace Bullying: The Plague Infesting Organizations." Annual Missouri Association of Occupational Health Nurses Conference, Booneville, MO. 
2017: "The Silent Epidemic: Bullying in the Workplace." Missouri Association of Nursing Home Professionals, Lake Ozarks, MO. 
2017: "Bullying: The Plague that's Infecting Our Workplaces." Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders, Des Moines, Iowa. 
2016: "Behind Closed Doors: Exploring persistent workplace aggression, the impact, and solutions for organizations." Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Registration required. 
2016: “Behind Office Doors: Workplace Bullying in Social Work Agencies.” National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference. Washington, DC.
2016: "Proactive Strategies to Reduce Persistent Workplace Aggression." Veteran Affairs. Kansas City, MO. 
2015: "Do the Right Thing or Make Enemies: Ethical Dilemmas of Bullied Academics.” Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Annual Conference. Kansas City, MO.
2014: "Bullying in the Workplace." Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Training Institute. St. Louis, MO. 
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